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إيل أورليان: اكتشاف الريف الهدوء مدينة كيبيك

لم تنشر بعد by Lauren

البلد: كندا


A day at Ile d'Orleans is not to be missed when visiting Quebec City. We experienced peaceful rural life on the island, situated merely minutes from the hustle and bustle of historic Quebec. Known as "Quebec City's Cornucopia", visitors are encouraged to stop at quaint shops and stands, offering up the freshest produce grown right on the island. A trip to Ile d'Orleans allows for relaxing times to appreciate the stunning views of the St. Lawrence River, consume the delicious locally grown and prepared food and drink, and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. We drove around the perimeter of the island, with each stop allowing for a new discovery. Visitors are encouraged to drive or ride bicycles around the island. Though we loved exploring Quebec City, Ile d'Orleans was an ideal escape from busy city life and it isn't to be missed.

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